10 Best Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide: What to See, Do, Costs, & Ways to Save

Interactive photographic map of the entire world! It means obviously enough: You can guess from all this that Malaysians are on the whole are a welcoming bunch, and they are keen to promote themselves as a major destination for tourism and business. I am not the first to notice this particularly Malay approach to hospitality.

The Haven Resort Hotel, Ipoh – All Suites is an Ipoh luxury resort hotel in Malaysia – naturally framed with the beauty of limestone, forests and lakes. It is possibly the only one of its kind anywhere in the world where you can live by the primary forest and in the city at the same time.

Living out of a suitcase, like everything else, has its pros and cons, ups and downs, highs and lows you should get the drift by now. Being a self-certified uber-omnivore and limited only by the ever-tightening waistline of my trousers, my travels across lands near and far have introduced me to a myriad of cuisines and dishes. Venturing out into the streets of Kuala Lumpur, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what and where to eat.

From hawker food courts to high-end restaurants, food options prevail in abundance and suit every budget. My meal of choice at a Mamak joint? Here you can treat yourself to some Kaya Toast Kaya being a jam of sorts made of eggs, sugar and coconut milk and Kopi-O aka Coffee black with sugar. Kaya toast and kopi-o Being in the tropics, fruits of various shapes and sizes abound. I recommend the grilled sting ray and the stir-fried sea shells despite my near-death experience in discovering that I was allergic to the latter!!!

I could ramble on about eating out in KL but all this typing has made me hungry!!! While this post does not cover any significant percentage of the wondrous offerings Malaysia has in the field of gastronomy Durian deserves a dedicated blog all by itself , I hope reading it has got your taste buds all tingly with anticipation! So until next time…happy eating!!!

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Share on Messenger Close Hold on Dans Le Noir As the early spring sunshine warmed my cheeks, it felt even more unnatural to want to closet myself away in the culinary equivalent of a photographic dark room to indulge in London’s latest gastro experience. But this lunchtime I had the privilege of being the first customer at Dans Le Noir, a new and challenging eaterie in Farringdon.

Diners eat or attempt to in absolute darkness – mobile phones and even digital watches must be left outside – and are physically guided around and served by visually impaired staff. The idea is to raise awareness about blindness and turn the tables on society’s attitudes to disability.

Dining In The Dark Kl, the very first of its kind in Malaysia. The optic nerve is overridden – your other senses take over. Every sound, every movement, every taste, every breath is an adventure!

Hati-Hati book speed dating kuala lumpur back to make hearts a little less lonely through speed baking — like speed dating, but with your own dessert by the end of the session becau. Malaysia is a country in Southeast Lumpud, located partly ,uala a peninsula of the Asian mainland and partly on the northern third of the island of Borneo. For the coaster, see MV Selangor. Federal Hotel vs Hilton Kuala Lumpur TripExpert This book is the result of years of original research, following a new line of thought when it comes to Chinese.

This could be made more clear on the website or booking datingg. Plus use our free tools to find new customers. Make sure your information is up to date. International Islamic University College Selangor.

Italian Restaurants

There are lots of greenery maybe mosquitoes too in a garden-like atmosphere and a fountain in the centre of the garden. You don’t have to worry about parking here as there’s ample parking in the compound and it’s free, of course. Keep your expectations low and remember two keywords, very affordable So, with that in mind, let’s begin with a very common starter of Shrimp Cocktail RM9.

With its stable hot and humid weather, the Kuala Lumpur golf scene is a thriving all-year industry, particularly popular with retirees, working professionals and urban dwellers.

Perhaps you are new to Kuala Lumpur or just here for a short visit? What are the most popular things to do and places to see? Here is my suggested list of the Top 10 best tourist sights in the city. People’s tastes and interests vary so you may not agree with all of the top KL attractions on this list but hopefully there is something for everyone. Click on the photo or link for further information on each attraction. In no particular order: You can queue for a ticket to visit the skybridge but you do not really need to – the best place to admire the construction is at ground level from a spot in the adjoining park known as KLCC.

A trip to the Twin Towers could include visiting the giant shopping mall Suria KLCC at the foot of the towers, the Petrosains museum, Aquaria an impressive oceanarium or even a concert at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Built on top of a small hill, its height above sea level is m and you can get the best views of KL and the surrounding districts from its observation deck and revolving restaurant.

At the foot of the Tower is Bukit Nanas, a surviving area of rainforest in the heart of the city which is open to explore. Together with its neighbouring heritage buildings this is one of the capital’s top tourist attractions. Take a look at my Kuala Lumpur Heritage Trail page for a suggested itinerary covering the main highlights in this area. An equally famous historic landmark is the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station built in in Anglo-Mughal architectural style and designed by AB Hubback who was also the architect for many other famous buildings in Malaysia.

Railway enthusiasts and heritage lovers will appreciate the station building which contains a modest railway museum.

Are KL Rahul and Munna Michael actress Nidhhi Agerwal dating

I knew them since they were actively clubbing at the Hippodrome in London and Zouk in Singapore in the late 80s and early 90s. Now they are “Uncles” already lah, but they are still actively clubbing – some things never change. I took the opportunity to casually ask them which are the top pick up joints in the Klang Valley these days. With much debate on which ones to include and which ones to eliminate, here is their top 10 pick up joints in the Klang Valley and commentaries.

Please note that the top 10 listed here are not necessarily in the order of superiority.

Kuala Lumpur is a can-do city on the move. Once notorious for its gridlocked traffic, cars and people move too these days, thanks to some well-planned elevated motorways and light rail options. New highways snake in from the international airport.

First thing you need to keep in mind in KL is that Malaysia is a Muslim country. That is the source of a lot of the cultural issues and drawbacks of the place. For them Muslim law, or Sharia is in effect. Islam is also responsible for my least favorite fact of life in KL — high drink prices. Whenever you go to Malaysia be sure to pick up a couple bottles of your favorite poison at duty free on your way in. Stay away from the Malay girls.

Sharia makes it technically illegal for a girl to be in a room alone with any man not a family member or her husband. Lucky for the single dude, KL along with Singapore is the business center of the region, and people from all over the region are there. You can expect to find: Just stay away from the ones with headscarves. The Chinese here get treated like shit by the Malay controlled government and have many legal roadblocks to success, yet due to their work ethic and the Malay laziness and retardation they are the most successful people in KL.

The girls are often surprisingly hot, dress great, and are super easy to pick up, just keep things really simple because English is quite bad in KL. Another smaller local population is the Indian population. There are some super hot Indian girls walking around, although many are fat with bad skin.


A Hindu-Buddhist kingdom ruled ancient Kedah possibly as early as A. D, the earliest evidence of strong Indian influence which was once prevalent among the pre-Islamic Kedahan Malays. Ancient India exerted a profound influence over Southeast Asia through trade, religious missions, wars and other forms of contact. A Siamese painting depicting the Chola raid on Kadaram modern day Kedah in year The Arab and Indian traders had travelled this region including the southern tip of South East Asia the peninsula with maritime trade, [10] the Sailendra kings of Java originating from Kalinga were able to take control of the Peninsular and part of southern Siam.

I have taken more than 2 years to survey for the best restaurants to be compiled in this list. It is done more than restaurants around Klang Valley.

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