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By Pete Pachal CES arrives the first week of January, and like a tardy Santa Claus, it bestows the world with the gift of new consumer tech of every kind — phones, cars, TVs, drones, VR — you name it. Looked at another way, CES tends to catapult new devices and technologies at the world like enormous gobs of spaghetti. The thing about spaghetti, though, is not much of it will stick. A large portion of the gadgets, gear and concepts shown at CES will never make it to store shelves, as cool as some of them may be. CES doesn’t create tech trends on its own, but it solidifies existing ones and focuses them by refracting them through a common lens: Here are the tech trends to watch out for at CES Alexa’s smart home Image: This trend began with last year’s show, but after the most high-profile announcement — Samsung’s Smart Fridge — turned out be vaporware, things stalled for a while.

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Video Transcript Transcript for WeddingWire hottest wedding trends for ??? It is, as you can tell from the dulcet tones of the string instruments, wedding planning season. And mapping out what’s supposed to be the best day of your life can be a serious test. The devil’s often in the details.

So, we decided to make it just a little easier for you to navigate the pitfalls of ‘s virtual dating game. And while we can’t implant a chip into people’s heads that lets us read their minds just yet, we can .

While partisanship among voters usually does not change much on a yearly basis, some differences have widened over time, especially by educational attainment, gender and age. And these gaps are even larger when categories are combined, such as education, race and gender. While the overall balance of leaned party affiliation has not changed much in recent years, this is the first time since that as many as half of registered voters have affiliated with or leaned toward the Democratic Party.

Since , the last midterm election year, there have been notable changes in party identification among several groups of voters. And as we noted in our report on party affiliation , the composition of the Republican and Democratic electorates are less alike than at any point in the past quarter-century. For decades, women have been more likely than men to identify as Democrats or lean Democratic. The share of women identifying as Democrats or leaning Democratic is up 4 percentage points since and is at one of its highest points since

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Looking At Trends at 60…ok… What is going on in the design world this year? Trends tend to cycle in ten year time periods. I reached 62 shh! It seems that way again.

We’re 2 months into , but it’s not too late to call some of the hottest trends we expect to see in online dating this year. Online dating is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. New services are constantly emerging, along with new technologies that keep the way we date in a .

Zoosk Why choose Zoosk? Zoosk is easy to join and simple to use, with a clean website layout and user-friendly mobile app. Plenty of ways to find a match such as SmartPicks and Zoosk Carousel game Match algorithm that evolves according to your behavior to make more appropriate match suggestions Basic and advanced search filters Various communication options including chat and instant messenger Multiple verification modes for extra safety Match.

OurTime is dedicated to singles over 50 and has a website that is super simple and easy to use. It has a lot of guidance and information for anyone new to the online dating world. Plenty of guidance for those new to online dating Advanced search options including search by religion, physical appearance, zodiac sign, and keyword search for hobbies and interests Communication options include private message, chat, and video chat In person events, so members can meet in real life Plenty of matchmaking and advanced search options EliteSingles Why choose EliteSingles?

EliteSingles puts a lot of work into the matches it makes, and that begins at signup, where you’ll have to complete an extensive personality test. Personality test to help suggest the most compatible matches Simple and easy to use Every profile is checked manually before being approved eharmony Why choose eharmony? Choose from the best dating websites to find Mr. Should You Pay for a Dating Site? On the one hand, a free dating site gives you access to more potential dates, since the lack of a price tag encourages more people to give it a try.

On the other hand, having to pay means that users take finding a date more seriously. Paying for use helps weed out people who are lying, sketchy, or untrustworthy.

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And while the fashion jewellery trends are there to spot, too, huge earrings, mainly fine jewellery is an entirely different beast. Annoushka large baroque pearl and diamond earrings But let me start with the exception to the rule: Baroque pearls are bound to make a comeback, and are relatively inexpensive when compared to their perfectly spherical peers. Mikimoto baroque pearl ring But forget delicate little numbers — the bigger the better.

Dating & Romance Trends to Watch for in December 30, The New Year may not automatically mean coming up with a whole new you, but it certainly does have some interesting changes in store for anyone involved in a romantic relationship.

If you wonder what color and color schemes will dominate the scene? Or which will be the most up to date materials, shape or composition solution? All the answers are coming. What are the best colors for kitchen cabinets this season? Those of you who like fresh colors in their surrounding may easily go for Tawny Color , Equator Yellow or Bali Hai Blue, which we recommend combining with a second monochromatic decor of more neutral palette starting from white, passing through the gray spectrum and up to the end of dark graphite or black.

This season the popular kitchen colors will be bright, but with a more mild edge — yet careful — not quite to the point of pastel. Although the vital color schemes will be sufficiently present during the trend period of the triumph come back of the dark decor in the interior design altogether will un-doubtfully reflect upon the fashion choices of kitchen color schemes in the future.

Characteristic for the next period will be the introduction of colorful combinations between clear and monochrome tones and the decreased usage of wooden decors and claddings that will be only unostentatiously applied.

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Scientists have invented a banana with an edible peel January 23, 2: A Japanese agricultural research company has developed a banana with an edible peel. Why hemp is the superfood you should be adding to everything January 17, 2:

Millennials have found a new way to sabotage relationships. “Cushioning” is a newly coined dating term wherein a partner in a monogamous relationship still flirts with other people — so if.

Everything-UX, by fabriciot and caioab. Continuing our mission of democratizing access to UX content through various channels, in we launched ux. We are looking forward to how UX will evolve in Hope you enjoy the ride. More and more, designers can rely on robust and comprehensive interaction pattern libraries for solving common design use cases. It all comes down to: Luckily, interaction design pattern libraries and guidelines are helping keep designers honest and focused on what really matters for the user: It was about time.

In designers should not be afraid of starting from design patterns to cover the basics, and then focusing the bulk of their time on the details that will make experiences feel more relevant, delightful — and therefore more memorable. Back in everyone was talking about Responsive Design. The possibility of designing and building one single web experience that was able to fluidly adapt to multiple screen sizes was eye-opening at the time. Interestingly enough, fluid layouts are a native functionality of HTML — but over the years web experiences had been built with too much focus on large, desktop screen resolutions.

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The fall fashion and colors are officially in retail stores and online. You will find a variety of styles and colors for the season. Before you run and check out the new fashions, there are a couple of things you should know: Try to seek out transitional pieces you can wear with things you already have and can layer. Fall is the time of year for layering clothes.

A lot of things changed in the dating world over the course of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke up, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged, Tinder banned tiger selfies, 1 in 6 newlyweds were married to someone of a different ethnicity, and (last but not .

Last year was no exception, with many wacky, weird and cringe worthy trends outstaying their welcome. With that in mind, here are 20 trends we’d like to see disappear in Also check out the 30 Worst ’80s Fashion Trends! This trend makes ordinary foods like doughnuts and cakes resemble a photograph of outer space through the use of decorations like purple and blue icing, edible glitter, and star shaped candies. Like rainbow food, galaxy food was an Instagram sensation, but is it really appetizing?

The sparkly flecks showed up on lips, cheeks and even in beards yes, men were putting glitter in their beards. Citing safety concerns, many popular attractions such as Disney World and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have banned selfie sticks. Even so, it looks like our collective obsession with selfies will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. Teenagers and twenty-something men are particularly fond of these sweatpants, tapered at the ankle to show off their equally overpriced sneakers.

With so many quality TV shows out there, and an increasing number of streaming services to choose from, finding time for all of them is downright impossible. While some of these challenges are harmless fun, others have resulted in serious injury—and seem to be getting more dangerous the longer this trend sticks around. Some examples include coloring books, gummy vitamins and even summer camp for adults.

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See which trends you’ll be coveting this year Image: But don’t just think of that in terms of your lifestyle, it’s time to update your wardrobe too and if you want to be ahead of the trends for , this is a good place to start. Ruffles, bardot tops and embroidery are all here to stay for the new season, so don’t go doing a spring clean just yet! And if you’ve got a few staples that are looking a bit tired looking at you, denim dress start shopping now.

12 Dating Trends That Defined Relationships In Sunaina Mullick MensXP Staff Writer has seen a paradigm shift in dating trends and it’s hitting the newer generation hard.

The simple trick to using screen recording in iOS 11 6. In fact, it could get a lot worse. Every new Wi-Fi -connected product we put in our homes—speakers, appliances, wearable, etc. Businesses will also need to be careful. The Mirai attack in demonstrated how hackers could use a botnet to spread a distributed denial-of-service DDoS attack to compromise internet of things IoT devices. We can expect hackers to use the millions of new devices that go online in , many of which lack security, to attack other systems.

The North Korea recently conducted numerous attacks to steal cryptocurrency. It was also publicly blamed by the U. The Gig Economy gets regulated Uber and Airbnb are the two big players in the gig, or sharing, economy. Both have recently been slammed with government regulations following incidents that raise concerns about the future of peer-to-peer services.

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Specialised dating Everybody knows that Tinder has forever changed the way we find potential partners. But anybody who has spent a fruitless evening swiping through endless unsuitable faces will know that we can often have too many options! So this is why specialised apps that focus on our individual interests have proven to be big news in From the likes of Sapio that aims to help brainy people find each other, to weird and wonderful apps that can hook you up with somebody based on your dietary preference, it seems that niche-based dating is here to stay!

Lazy dating. Of course, some of us won’t have to want to run up a mountain to find our true loves. And this is why the Lime app has proven to be one of the surprising success stories on the dating scene in This uses data from your iOS health app to make sure that you don’t accidentally hook up .

But even if it tastes authentic, what of its nutritional effect? The science behind what we eat. Now, blackcurrants are set to take centre stage for similar reasons. Rich in antioxidants known as anthocyanins, blackcurrants are being hailed for their effects on muscle recovery, performance and fat-burning. University studies have tested New Zealand blackcurrant extract, taken in supplement form for a concentrated dose, and shown it can increase fat loss by up to a third during exercise.

Curranz is a new blackcurrant supplement that is 35 per cent anthocyanin, so a concentrated form of blackcurrants.

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Based on the latest studies by the market research firm Packaged Facts, here are four disruptive food industry trends to keep on an eye on in the coming months and years. Supercenters such as Walmart draw million U. Wholesale clubs such as Costco attract 91 million.

The market is forecast to register a 5. The value was split by design, research, promotional, and consulting services; legal services; and accounting segments in the ratio of Even though accounting was the smallest segment in the market, it had the highest growth rate at 5. This is due to the increasing demand for tax filings, pay roll processing, financial statements auditing, and other accounting services. This can be attributed to the high demand for services such as accounting, legal, advertising, photographic services, and other professional services from companies across all industries.

When many companies develop or expand their global leadership positions, the demand for these services also rises. In order to stay competitive and up to date, professionals in this industry should be aware of several key market trends, which are discussed below. Social Media Adoption For finding and engaging clients online, marketing services, and monitoring competitors, professional services firms have widely started using social media.

An enhanced social media presence helps professional services firms to improve brand awareness, increase their client base, boost client satisfaction, and deepen client relationships. Virtual Firms in the Professional Industry Rapid technology change, increased pressure to reduce costs, and increased use of smartphones is making the concept of virtual firms more attractive to many in the industry.

In the future, more professional firms will go virtual and have few permanent offices. By hiring contract employees, placing the entire infrastructure in the cloud, and utilizing a small number of physical offices, professional services firms can cut their costs and help increase their revenue.