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Install the HP print driver and software to set up your printer on a wired Ethernet network connection. Prepare for the driver installation and network connection Before installing the driver, make sure you have a functioning network router and an Ethernet cable. Make sure you have a network router with available Ethernet ports. Make sure your computer is connected to the router if it is not already connected. Obtain an Ethernet cable. Do not use a standard telephone cable. Connector is wide and has eight wires Telephone cable do not use:

Hooking Up a MacBook to TV: What You Need

If you are lucky enough to have higher bandwidth than that, buy the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Either way, the device stopped working for us after updating to the newer OS. It now requires a 3rd party driver and that failed after a few days. Another quality product that we are forced to upgrade. Used to work perfectly Yes 2.

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All HDTVs will have this connection though chances are your laptop or computer will not. If you do happen to have an HDMI connection on your computer then by all means, use this connection. Your computer will most likely have this connection. HDTVs should also have this connection. If you wish to use audio with a DVI connection you must use a seperate audio cable. A cable from phones output connected to red and white audio in on your TV will work great!

However, older televisions will not have a VGA connection and will require a PC to television converter. There are USB converters that allow you to use this method. Just use the same method from above for connecting audio from your phones output. Some laptops and computer graphics cards will have a S-Video connection.

Most televisions will also have a S-Video connection.

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You should also be able to “ping” your device. Do this by following these steps: Click on the “cmd” program that appears to open the command prompt. Command Prompt in Windows b. In the Command Prompt window, type “ping xxx.

Finally, if you want to connect the Apple TV to your wired (Ethernet) network, now’s the time to grab a spare Ethernet cable, plug it into the Ethernet port on the back of the Apple TV, and plug.

They’re very important to making sure you get the best possible results from your phone and Internet connection. Install a filter not included in the modem kit on each telephone jack except the jack that goes to the modem. There’s an additional fee for this. Filters are not included in your modem kit. You can purchase them from us or a local electronics store.

While you are waiting to get more filters, you may have trouble with your Internet service until all phone equipment is filtered. We recommend that you disconnect any unfiltered devices from the wall jacks until you are able to install the filters. Internet Only and VOIP If you don’t have land line phone service with CenturyLink, walk around the house unplug all equipment that is connected to the same line as your Internet.

Disconnect all devices connected to your line, except the modem.


Both being Ethernet standards, they generally have the same functions. Any differences may be subtle, and don’t bother most people, so the instructions for connecting wirelessly to the TV will probably also work for wired Ethernet connection assuming your TV has an Ethernet socket. WiFi can be used to stream TV, but not always reliably:

Jun 18,  · Edit Article How to Install an Apple TV. In this Article: Connecting the Hardware Setting Up Apple TV Connecting With iTunes Watching Apple TV Community Q&A Apple’s digital media device, the Apple TV, allows users to stream videos, music and TV, using a high-speed Internet connection.

You can also create a new Wi-Fi network. Connect to a Wi-Fi network Click in the menu bar, then choose a network. Connect to a secure Wi-Fi network Secure Wi-Fi networks are password-protected and have by their names. Enter the password, then click Join. If you don’t know the password to the Wi-Fi network , contact the network administrator. Connect to a hidden network Click in the menu bar. Enter the network name.

Make sure you enter the network name correctly. If the network is secure, choose the Security type, then enter the password. Create a Wi-Fi network If you have Internet service at your location, you can connect an AirPort base station or a third-party router to your modem to create a Wi-Fi network. Learn how to set up Personal Hotspot.

HOWTO: Connect Your Mac Mini to a TV

If you have more than one computer on the network, install the printer software on each computer that you plan to share with the printer. If you have not already set up your printer, click here for instructions to set up the printer hardware , and then return to this document to set up your printer on a wireless network. Prepare for installation You must have the following items before you install the printer on the wireless network: Gather the following items: Internet access is not required for you to install your printer with a wireless connection.

However, you do need Internet access to use Web Services, get printer updates, and to download drivers from the HP website.

Xerox Phaser 5–1 Connecting to the network This chapter discusses the basic stages of connecting the printer to the network, provides an overview of network requirements and protocol.

Originally Posted by thrand1 One last stab in the dark Because your devices are properly getting IP addresses from the DHCP server, I’m thinking the problem could be with the NAT settings or configuration on the modem, if there is some setting that might affect the Ethernet ports versus the WiFi network?

On the “Basic” setup page according to the manual, there is a “Gateway Mode” and “Primary Network Only Mode” dropdown- what is chosen for each of those? You mention getting an AirPort Express. Thanks you for taking time to try to help me figure this out. I must say that i may have left some info out not even thinking it was a important but at this point it very well may be important.

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If you did, you’re probably anxious to get it set up and running just as soon as you’re done drinking more eggnog and eating those waffles. This is the perfect time to check out some instructions from us on how to set up your new device. Follow along, and we’ll give you the info you need to get your Apple TV up and running in no time. Pipe up if you need help!

If you don’t, then now is the time to take a break and brave the after-Christmas sales to buy yourself a new TV.

The Network Extender from Samsung expands your indoor cell signal and lets you seamlessly transfer to the nearest cell tower when leaving the Network Extender coverage area.

Darko December 29, , 1: My latest rig flew as a single piece of checked baggage from Hong Kong to Australia and then to the UK before being couriered to Germany. This is the LS50 but not as we know it. Jack Ocklee-Brown and his team of Kent-based engineers have activated this super-popular standmount with bespoke fit amplification, DAC and network streamer and installed the whole lot inside the speaker enclosures. Inside each speaker sit two amplifiers and two DACs.

Cast a casual eye over any audio show coverage: And how many rooms feature active loudspeakers?

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What is a MAC Address? Whether you work in a wired network office or a wireless one, one thing is common for both environments: It takes both network software and hardware cables, routers, etc.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a means of providing power and data over the same Ethernet cable to a device such as an IP phone, network camera, WiFi access point or other Ethernet device. The primary advantage of PoE is it simplifies wiring and device hookup – no need for a “wall wart” AC/DC transformer and a nearby VAC power outlet.

This article describes how to use your Mac instead of a router to connect your Xbox console to Xbox Live. Step 1 — Connect a network cable and turn on Internet sharing Plug one end of a network cable into the back of your Xbox console. Plug the other end of the cable into an Ethernet port on your Mac.

From the Share your connection from list, select AirPort. From the To computers using list, select Ethernet Adaptor en2. Step 3 — Set the network settings on your Xbox console The last step is to configure the network settings on your Xbox console: Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select System Settings. If prompted, select Wired Network. Select Manual, and then select IP Address. Select Subnet Mask, enter Select Gateway, enter Enter the numbers that you wrote down in Step 2: Get the DNS server address the previous section , and then select Done.

How to Connect a Mac to an Ethernet Network For Dummies