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Northfield Publishing, , pp. New York University Press, , pp. Oxford University Press, , pp. Wendy Shalit is the author of A Return to Modesty: But today there is little satisfaction in being buried under the avalanche of recent books like Unhooked Riverhead, and Unhooked Generation Hyperion, ,which have put the misery of postmodern sexual non intimacy utterly beyond dispute, and on the shelf. Where to go from here? Three new books offer up three distinct answers. Freda McKissic Bush, claims that science has the answer.

Georgetown University student group could be defunded over Christian teaching on marriage

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There’s a so-called hookup culture that’s perpetuated throughout this hookup culture at georgetown, they are invested in its. Men were more in hookup culture of civilization, including. A four-part series exploring uc berkeley’s hookup culture.

How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both , treated it as one in which women were clearly the losers, seduced by false promises of liberation and left vulnerable to exploitative casual sex, regret and heartache. Which is it, then? Are college girls confidently pursuing the happy hookup or unhappily submitting to male exploitation while pining for true love?

The answer, most likely, is that neither narrative is quite true. The sexual environment on many campuses certainly has its unsavory and damaging aspects—but the damage and discontent are by no means limited to women. A mere six percent of male respondents and three percent of female respondents claimed to have had sex with six or more people.

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Writer Susan Walsh takes a look at alternative statistics and additional student comments, which run counter to what Taylor indicated was the current state of student sexual experiences. Another recent college survey found strong evidence of relationships on campus. At Georgetown, women and men responded to a survey about sex and relationships there.

Only 11 percent report engaging in exclusively random hookups, although this is a more common phenomenon among men than women.

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Katie Hnida , annual events i. Ready , and student groups i. Take Back the Night and Sexual Assault Peer Educators meaningfully address sexual assault—the diverse perspectives presented by University and public voices during these three events called attention to the effects of sexual assault in a new light. Her suffering has the dignity, and her death the honor, and her legal status the recognition of a crime against humanity.

But when a woman is tortured by her husband in her home, humanity is not seen to be violated. Here she is a woman- only a woman.

Kate Taylor Pimps Penn’s Hookup Culture * Hooking Up Smart : Hooking Up Smart

Time to stop hooking up. You know you want to. We bought fishnets, wore our tightest, sexiest clothes and sauntered out like we were the hottest girls alive. I remember that night fondly, even though my feminist sensibilities cringe a little now. For me, that costume was a form of sexual experimentation. I chose to dress sexier than I ever had and to stretch the boundaries of what I considered acceptable.

Hollman spoke about how the gendered script of the hookup culture leads some women to consent verbally to sexual activity while still having deep internal reservations. Dr. Marguerite Duane of Georgetown University in Washington spoke about the negative health and societal repercussions of birth control. “How desperate has our culture.

Sign in or Sign up today! Although it’s been cleared of “hate” charges in recent hearings, it must still pass final administrative review. The SAC had two hearings for the case last week. At the second hearing, which lasted two hours from Thursday night until very early Friday morning, the SAC voted 8—4 to dismiss the charges.

However, this is not the end of the battle for Love Saxa. Per protocol, the charges pass to the university administration for review. This did little to deter the campus community’s growing sense of hostility toward the club. The SAC hearings were going to begin on October 23, but Love Saxa asked for a delay because it was only informed on October 19, leaving it little time to prepare.

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Our programming is discussion based- we aim to meet participants where they are, and discuss the issues and nuances of interest to them. Students need to break down their own barriers and assumptions, and have a safe space to ask these questions, in order to fully support the movement. Well what about false reporting? And then someone inevitably adds:

Kate Taylor’s article describing the hookup culture at Penn has attracted a lot of criticism, most notably from Penn students themselves, including some who participated in her research. They disagree with her characterization of women as fueling a no-strings sex norm, and reject the featured.

We defined hooking up as having an intimate physical encounter outside of a committed relationship with no guarantee of a future relationship. A recent change in the overall young adult culture has resulted in the shift from clear steps, stages, or statuses in dating relationships to ambiguity about boundaries and commitment 2. The indefinite future of a college hook-up can be confusing and hard to navigate.

This change in intimate and personal relationships may start to trigger emotional consequences related to the mental health of college students. This could surface in the form of academic performance, social wellbeing, and everyday functioning 2. It seems that the hook-up culture on college campuses, including Georgetown’s, is a prominent factor effecting students’ mental health. Gender Differences Social expectations vary between males and females from the way they dress to the actions they perform.


Cardinal Newman Society – Even as Catholics celebrate this week’s announcement that The Catholic University of America will return to single-sex dorms, a new report identifies a thriving “hook-up” culture on Catholic college campuses and warns of the emotional and physical costs of casual sex among students. The report, published by The Cardinal Newman Society CNS Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education, reviews the social science literature that has been published over the last twenty years on student behavior and college policies, including the impact of single-sex residences.

Anne Hendershott and Nicholas Dunn. The authors note studies showing that heavy use of alcohol correlates strongly with promiscuity on college campuses, and both are tied to co-ed living arrangements. They cite data indicating that students in co-ed dorms are roughly twice a likely to drink heavily and engage in binge drinking, and also to have multiple sexual partners.

These problems are confronted by student affairs administrators and residence hall staff, who often are expected to be non-judgmental and are not well-trained how to operate in a Catholic living environment.

Here at Georgetown, student reactions to hookup culture vary. A new student group, Love Saxa, has emerged in recent years to combat hookup culture and promote chastity and .

Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield, a beloved English professor on campus, had some insight on that question. Instead of leaving, they stood in the back, not wanting to miss this talk from Kaplan-Maxfield. The talk began with student speakers sharing personal experiences about their relationships and love. She encouraged independence and empowerment for all. Now at BC, he notes the downside of the culture here that he feels affects some of his peers.

She spoke about the importance of consent in all types of relationships:

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The decision about the group Love Saxa followed after a long hearing that went into the early hours of the morning Nov. Two students at Georgetown University in Washington had filed a complaint against the group, saying it violated university standards governing student groups. Those standards state that clubs are not eligible for funding if their purpose or activities “foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion or sexual preference.

The student-governed Student Activities Commission, which supports more than co-curricular student organizations, voted that the group was not in violation of university standards.

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It must be verbal, affirmative, voluntary, and continuous with each new act. However, I slowly began to realize that this was not the case; the lack of a consent culture, a culture in which mutual consent is the principal narrative of sex, on campus affected my daily life a lot more than I thought. For one, I was frustrated with the fact that my hookups were usually quick to jump to the conclusion that my initial consent to making out with them was also an OK for them to do more.

The bottom line being, the lack of a culture of verbal, affirmative, voluntary, and continuous consent made me feel vulnerable to sexual assault. So how do we change this and create a safer environment, one that focuses on preventing sexual violence and promoting healthy sexual relationships? First of all, participate in active consent! I want do that! Secondly, when you witness nonconsensual sexual activity such as when an individual is intoxicated or being pressured , put a stop to it!

Step in and make sure that both parties are consenting adults. And finally, incorporate consent into your daily life outside the bedroom! Inspired by Tiffany and want to learn more?

Hook-Up Culture & Our Decline