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It is not a surprise American men would be interested in Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides. In this article, we look at the phenomenon of mail order brides and with keen attention on the relationship between American men and Ukrainian and Russian women. East Meets West — A Match Made In Heaven There are a lot of American men looking for someone to share their lives with, men who would love to marry, settle down and enjoy family life. Dating can be a minefield and finding the right woman very much depends on your approach to life. If you are not afraid of looking further afield then you could find your ideal partner, many foreign women have been raised to believe that their husband and family come first and those old fashioned values certainly appeal to plenty of men. Take time to browse the Internet and you will come across numerous stories from those who have dated Ukrainian and Russian women. Read some stories from American men who have had success with Ukrainian and Russian brides. The Ukrainian and Russian women are extremely beautiful and they embrace femininity. These pretty young women adore American men; they feel that the average American man is strong and sexual.


This is the first in a series of articles based in part on eyewitness accounts about the rapidly deteriorating socio-political conditions in Turkey and what the future may hold for the country. During the past few months I interviewed scores of Turkish citizens who escaped from Turkey following the unsuccessful military coup, fearing for their lives. Many of them left their families behind, terrified of what to expect next. I have been puzzled for some time as to why Erdogan decided a few years ago to go on a rampage to systematically reverse the huge social, political, and judiciary progress he himself successfully championed.

He has been serving first as prime minister and now president for 15 years.

From time to time, I receive an email from a reader asking me if it is safe to use drugs in Jakarta. The obvious reply is that it is extremely dangerous, as even carrying a small joint might land you in jail. But Indonesia is much more complicated than that, hence the need for a longer article to.

Alternatively, you can use the official Indonesian Railways site www. If you click Reservasi you’ll get onto their sales site tiket. Google’s Chrome browser will translate anything you don’t understand. The website for Jakarta commuter trains is www. The website for Yogyakarta-Solo Prameks local trains is www. How to buy tickets Option 1, buy tickets online at tiket.

However, it’s only available in Indonesian, and it only accepts Indonesian credit cards, so is of little use to overseas travellers. I recommend overseas travellers use www.

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The panic began at the weekend when Mount Agung spurted clouds of grey and white ash across the Indonesian island and sparked a dangerous flow of debris, prompting fears it was on the verge of its first major eruption in more than 50 years. As the ash clouds reached heights of almost 10, feet, with glowing magma visible at the peak, 40, people were evacuated from the surrounding area. Disaster agency workers said that a total of , people would need to be evacuated, while officials warned the island was on “maximum alert.

Mount Agung eruption in Bali causes travel chaos, in pictures One British tourist said he had been close to the volcano on Monday.

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It is famous for its sand which looks like pepper. Arrange with a guide preferably someone recommend from the hotel or a travel agency to take you to the 3 famous waterfalls located close to Lombok. The first one is on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, the second one is a further 1 hours walk and the 3rd one is the hardest to get to and requires some climbing experience.

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I would like to take this opportunity to ask those of you who read my blog to ask questions and suggest future blog posts. This post is not directly about contractor or homeowner issues, but I have been thinking lately about the stress of dealing with a lawsuit. Parties vary regarding their involvement in their own disputes. Some are happy to hand their claims over to an attorney and check in now and then, and others want to be directly involved and strategize about their claims.

However, no matter how much or little involvement you choose, you should realize that lawsuits are extremely emotionally taxing. First of all, the financial burden cannot be underestimated.

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Field report part two Sat, Apr Woke up around 8. During breakfast I was contacted by Fisherman, he apologized and said that our appointment had to be rescheduled to 6pm due to the girl still had photo sessions. I consented and then went out to Plaza Senayan PS to buy books during which time I was ringed by an old friend who apparently found out that I was in town. I said okay and the appointment was then set for tomorrow, Sunday 11am since I had flight sched back to Spore at 3.

Thankfully the place was still quiet but the downside was there’re also still not many WLs around for work I suspect because most still recovering from busy night before , in the first lounge I think only saw 10 girls were sitting on the sofas.

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Demand for prostitution has created a problem of people trafficking from China and other nearby countries. Sexual services, however, are widely available and laws banning prostitution remain largely unenforced. Kuala Lumpur is a dynamic place and a nice size. It is quite developed and safe with wonderful parks. Indians, Chinese and Malays all inhabit this pleasurable city. KL is very active city for mongers. The Malay Girls Malaysian law is pretty strict on native Malay muslims drinking, as a result it is unlikely to encounter Malay girls at night.

That said, plenty of Chinese and Indian girls do indulge. Malay girls have darker skin than other ethnic groups on the peninsula and many are extremely attractive and feminine. If you want to meet a nice Malay woman, your best bet is Borneo as East Malaysia is considerably more conservative.

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Hokkaido is a wonderland filled with beautiful Sakura, the purest snow and people dressed up as hotdogs. It is the most popular province in Japan. Find out why.

How ‘s your weekend? Mine’s awesome as usual. Probably due to the fact i just learned about that zombie attack in Florida. What a scary world and did some packing for the upcoming summer holiday. Last week yes, it took me a while to blog about it, sorry! Catherine Njoo in the middle, very pretty! To be quite honest with you, i was quite nervous about coming to this event because i had no idea what to expect.

I went to an event blindly, my sole purpose was to cover Catherine Njoo’s fashion show and that’s all! The event was held at this gorgeous chapel called Palacio , very close by my house actually! I’ve heard about the rather unique concept of this place a wedding chapel in the midst of the town? That’s quite something but never actually went there. I thought, better be early than late so we went anyway it was 6.

There’s this booth selling perfumes as well The place’s gorgeous and if there were not so many people the organizers and media people, i’m guessing i’d love to snap some outfit pictures-but of course i was too embarrassed to do so hahaha, so i just asked hunny to snap some not an outfit pics real fast.


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One of the most diverse and populated countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is comprised of more than 15, islands covering an expanse of nearly 2 million square kilometres, including Java, .

Rebecca Surtees With its long history in Indonesia, the sex industry [1] is by no means a new issue for discussion and debate. What are new and, arguably, significant are the new types of sex work that are emerging in Indonesian urban centres and what their emergence tells us about the sex industry, as well as the social terrain more generally. Most notable is the trend of pecun—middle class female students in Jakarta who provide sexual services in exchange for money or gifts.

Also in evidence is the practice of urban, professional women providing sexual services alongside and as a part of their professional duties. This, in turn, reveals that Indonesian sex workers manifest a far greater subjective complexity than is normally presented. While these trends are not, as yet, widespread, their emergence does hold significance for our reading of the sex industry and our appreciation of the lives and motivations of sex workers.

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