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Streamers and viewers can connect like never before, engaging together to create a whole new streaming experience. Play a game and pick up where you left off on another Xbox One or PC, bringing all your saves, game add-ons, and achievements with you. Anywhere is a great place to play. A new guide Switching between tabs is faster than ever. New flyouts allow a deeper level of Guide detail than ever before. Player generated tournaments with Arena on Xbox Live Create your own tournaments with Arena on Xbox Live, where you can customize the type of tournaments, and schedule the starting dates and times all with one simple sign-up– no extra registration required. Xbox Live Gold membership sold separately required for multiplayer on Xbox One.

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Click to create and send a link using your email application A love of the finer things is one of the few ways a career criminal can celebrate success — something the high-end retailers of Rockford Hills and beyond know all too well. Part 2 of The Ill-Gotten Gains Update delivers desirable new vehicles, unforgiving new weapons and clothes to make you stand out in a crowd.

For the unconventional, the Coil Brawler is a luxury sports-styled off-roader with raised suspension and a horsepower engine that will muscle its way over any terrain. If top speed is what matters most, the Progen T20 is among the fastest cars to ever arrive in Los Santos, while the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle adds agility and speed, featuring a kinetic energy recovery system KERS that stores energy from braking and delivers a burst of speed on activation.

Oct 16,  · Enabled damage on barbed wire close to capture point D on Galicia in Conquest. Fixed floating dirt mounds around the train wreck on Volga River. Operation Brusilov Offensive’s final rating is now correctly rated out of 24 instead of

This is not a historical examination of the most groundbreaking PC games. Sure, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain redefines stealth-based action and the Forza Horizon series the definitive open-world racing franchise, but they didn’t make it into this guide based purely on those metrics. Simply put, this an ever-expanding collection of entertaining titles you should buy if you own a gaming desktop or gaming laptop.

To clarify, games don’t need to have been released in or even to qualify for this roundup. Any game that’s still available and still considered excellent when ranked against the best of today is eligible. We think that’s the most useful approach to helping you decide which video games deserve space on your PC’s hard drive, and which aren’t worth consideration even when their prices are cut by 85 percent during a Steam sale.

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The best games ever. or ready a flashbang when you see the sharp end of a physics-enabled tail whip round a corner. (it feels ready-made for online scoreboards and the matchmaking.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

Improve Your Aim and Accuracy in Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

Ranked play is a system that evaluates and determines rank based on player skill, and matches up players and teams of similar levels. The HUD is more limited than in casual, and you will be choosing spawn and objective locations as part of your gameplay strategy. Casual is a great place to practice against a wider variety of skill levels with no pressure, but every single game counts in Ranked.

Welshy d ago. The PS4 doesn’t need to be online to view trophies. I use Virgin Media in the UK and my service went down for an hour for maintenance, i was still able to view my trophies and also earn them in NFS Rivals while i waited on the service to turn back on no problem.

Okay, that came out a bit incisive. Do you have any scientific backing to support those claims? I’m especially interested in fasting. Not eating for 3 days a month does not seem especially healthy. Then I see the claim that it cures cancer and forgive me if all my alarm bells go off. Anecdotal, I was like you, extremely skeptical of meditation. Seriously, try it, it’s free! I stop hopping from topic to topic in my mind “oh should I tidy the apartment, work on my website, etc etc” to a far more focused state.

What you should do next is there with extreme clarity. The reason why I never started meditating for a long time was because I felt it was too hard, and nearly impossible. After years and years of meditating and practicing mindfulness, perhaps this is possible, but IMO not a good starting goal. I prefer to just become an observer of my thoughts; to acknowledge and let them flow; I focus on accepting that they are only thoughts – little impulses.

The imagery I often have is that I’m sitting in a clear bubble, and my thoughts are swirling around me:

Battlefield 4. (Video game, ) []

Is there anyone who can tell me how the matchmaking system works when joining a quick match? I would expect the game to put players with the same skill in a match, or perhaps players from the same region, or maybe even players who have roughly the same ping into a server, but it all feels completely random to me. I understand that with the server browser being here, and it being able to filter on regions, it’s quite hard if not impossible to keep random matchmaking restricted to a specific region.

This as I might join a EU server when joining a quick match, but someone from Brazil, the USA or Australia can join the exact same server when browsing for it Skill doesn’t seem to be affecting the matchmaking system either.

If enabled – it will immediately press the left mouse OT – CS:GO (Public) Download. Share this page, post the shared link below in comments .

Developer DICE is apparently looking to bring the Community Test Environment feature for its military first-person shooter Battlefield 4 to console players in the near future. The service enables Battlefield 4 players who own the Premium Edition of the popular shooter to become involved in the balance and tweak development process, and to experience all the new content earlier than any other players out there. Publisher Electronic Arts owns the Origin client, as well as all the servers that handle the multiplayer of Battlefield 4, which is why the feature was first introduced to PC gamers.

Given the fact that the console adopters of the Premium Edition are getting the short end of the stick in the deal, DICE decided to enable them to join the Community Test Environment anyway, with the only caveat being that they would have to own a PC good enough to run Battlefield 4, which was quite inconvenient for many. Fortunately, it looks like that’s coming to an end now, as DICE aims to deliver its early updates to consoles players on their home entertainment systems, in spite of the hurdles it has to jump over in order to bring them to the Xbox Live and PlayStation Store clients.

A pretty cool bit of information This means that everyone involved with playing Battlefield is going to have a say in what goes into the game in the future, which is great, especially considering the extra money paid by owners of the Premium Edition. The Community Test Environment affords DICE access to all of a player’s data, and in exchange for this, gamers get access to pre-release content and tweaks before everything is implemented for the outside world.

Granted, this also means that whatever bugs get into the system will also pop up in your game, as the CTE is essentially a testing ground for upcoming features, but the benefits usually outweigh the costs by a rather large margin. The good news comes from Battlefield 4 veteran Westie, whose informative videos are always delivering useful tips and explanations for whatever DICE is doing and why. The Final Stand DLC was just released at the beginning of the month, and in spite of it being the last scheduled piece of downloadable content for the first-person shooter, there are rumors that DICE might be working on an additional piece, to be delivered sometime in A small team of core developers is also working together with Dead Space makers Visceral Games, hammering away at Battlefield Hardline and getting it ready for its release in March , in order to make sure that it meets all expectations Battlefield fans might have.

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The server documentation refers to a variable named “matchMakingEnabled” that is supposed to be returned by serverInfo, but that value does not appear in the output of serverInfo on my server. And I’ve also read comments suggesting that it isn’t or wasn’t actually related to “quick match” or “play now” eligibility of the server. Is having the server show up on Battlelog as “Official” with the “experience” vars. Or is there something else that needs to be done to make sure you are getting play now traffic?

Dec 22,  · Moze, BF4 ali meni u sustini odgovara sve do 15h, posle toga tesko, i uvece tesko. A verujem da vi svi uvece hocete.

Have some strategies of your own? Let us know in the comments. Its spawn point will be marked on your map. He has a massive machine gun and very heavy armour plating. He uses the anti-tank rifle. This is slow firing and can be used on weaker vehicles or infantry but is really for taking down heavy armour from a distance. The lighter the vehicle, the easier they are to take down. The gun can only be fired when mounted behind cover or when in prone, meaning this is a more static class.

Matchmaking in BF4:

The level editor is responsible for legendary community-created classics such as Grifball and new favorites like Flapjack Frenzy and Ground Pound Arena. Forge, the entire Forge experience from Halo 5: Guardians comes to Windows 10, with support for mouse and keyboard, the ability to host and play custom matches for up to 16 players, and a new content browser that spans platforms.

Chat one on one with a fellow Xbox User who wants to help.

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To read his guide One skill trumps all others in Battlefield 4 Multiplayer: The good news is that you can train your weapon skills. Practice makes perfect, guys. This guide primarily concerns players who use automatic weapons. If you are reading this than you still have an interest in working from home playing games.

I know the feeling and would love to help. My friend has written a guide to get anyone started now, even if you have very little money to invest. But when you practice something through repetition the brain will slowly but surely become better at sending the correct message to the correct muscle at the correct time.

The Technicalities First The first thing you should do is get the game itself working for you. Look Sensitivity You can and should adjust the sensitivity, both on consoles and PC.

Pillars of Eternity Devs New Game, Tyranny, Asks “What If Evil Won”

My External IP How To Forward a Port A port forward is a way of making a computer on your home or business network accessible to computers on the internet, even though they are behind a router. It is commonly used in gaming, security camera setup, voice over ip, and downloading files. After you have forwarded a port you are said to have an open port.

Nov 20,  · Multiple problems with matchmaking, crashes, and all round broken shit. BF2/BF3/BF4/BF1 – T3CH XBOX – T3CHguyver PS – Kryptman ‘Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, bringing torment and pain to others.

Known for its grand scale MP game types and more emphasis on a more realistic combat gameplay then the more arcade style of other FPS franchises, Battlefield has always been an impressive FPS title to take online, but how does the Xbox edition fair? Handed a pistol by Dunn the squad leader who is trapped, the player must shoot out the window to enable the squad to swim to safety. With Irish protesting you must take aim at the window, and then following an onscreen RT prompt you fire and shatter the glass trigging a flashback to the first mission.

Set in Baku, Azerbaijan, the opening action plays out the events which lead to being in the car underwater. In a nice introduction to the playing style of Battlefield 4, as the player you are introduced to the rest of your squad as you all must escape Russian forces trying to prevent you from escaping with important intel.

What strikes you is the size of the world in which the missions take place. Starting off inside an old school with no ammo, you are soon in an open fire fight across open land as you fight your way to the extraction point. The action is fast with up close battles and long range combat will keep the player on their toes.

Destiny 2: LEVIATHAN RAID FOR DUMMIES! Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!